Facilities List

Our Equipped Machine shop includes CNC and manual machining capabilities. we have 5 various sized CNC lathes and a vertical machining center. Including our manual machinery, we have 9 lathes, 3 vertical milling machines, 2 large horizontal mills with outboard tail stock and rotary tables. Weare also set up for light fabrication, pressing, drilling, and automatic feed sawing. If your needs include cast, forged parts or heat treating, we have established working relationships with the finest suppliers of these services.

Behind these machines is our staff of skilled machinists, who woth out strong QA/QC programs, assuring a job done correctly with on time deliveries.


24" x 86" Lodge and Shipley
12" x 35" Clausing
16" x 35" South Bend
24" x 120" Lodge and Shipley
36" x 156" American

CNC's w/CAD-CAM Programming

Hyundai 12" Chuck, 20" Swing, 40" Centers
Two-Okuma LB 25, 12" Chuck, 20" Swing, 60" Centers
HAAS TL-30, 28" Double Chucker, 28" Swing, 34" Centers
HAAS HL-4 Big Bore, 15" Chuck, 28" Swing, 34" Centers
HAAS VF3 Vertical Milling Center, 20" x 46" Table w/4th Axis
FAdel Vertical Milling Center 20"x40" Table

Horizontal Boring Machines

Shbaura 86" x 60" Table
47" Travel x 59" High, 4" Spindle
Konomehckma 71" x 62" Rotary table, 52" Travel x 96" High, 6" Spindle Tail stock, 96" Adjustable Stanchion

Vertical Turrent Lathe

Bullard 42" Table

Vertical Miles

Two-Bridgeport 9" x 42"


48" Radial Drill Presses & Multi-drill Presses


Peerless Vertical Band Saw
Marvel Automatic Horizontal 18" x 20"


Stick & Mig

Inspection Equipment

Infrared Heat Sensors
Parametric Ultrasonic Testing Unit
Granite Tables
Brown & Sharp Reflex Coordinate Measurement System
Qualitest Hardness Tester
Thickness Inspection

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