Babbitting Services

Babbitt Bearing Reverse Engineering

A1 can reverse engineer most any babbitt bearing. In order to reverse engineer the bearing, we will need a sample, drawing or specification. You can also use our RFQ form that will help with the process.. Many of our customers need a quick turnaround to get their equipment back online, A1 specializes in fast, quick response and turnaround.

Our in-house machine shop also has the capability to do any special custom modifications that may be needed.

Whether you just need a Babbitt Bearing Insert or the entire assembly (bearing housing and bearing), we will do the complete manufacturing in our plant.

Babbitt Bearing Repair and Rebabbitting Services.

A-1 has repaired, rebabbitted and manufactured thousands of Babbitted Bearings. Whether you need just a new Babbitt Bearing Insert, the Bearing Housing or entire assembly, A1 can do it. All materials are ASTM non ferrous Babbitt Alloys. We can also manufacture custom Babbitt Bearings in other materials, such as Bronze.

Custom Babbitt Bearings

A1 is a leader in providing custom babbitted bearings manufactured to exact specifications. We can manufacture to almost any dimensional specification or tolerance that is required. The materials can be of ASTM B-23 or manufactured in other materials such as Bronze. Our in-house machine shop (link this to machining page) has the capabilities to manufacture the entire assembly including the bearing housing and special shapes.

Where Applicable

All information is stored in our database for future repeat orders

Our in-house capabilities can manufacture bearings or rebabbitt the bearings with the following dimensions:

Inside Diameter: Down to 1/8” (.125”)

Outside Diamter: Up to 44”

Length: Up to 42” or more depending on bearing type

Onsite Babbitting

A1 Babbitt and Machine is also capable of providing onsite pouring of babbitt. 

ASTM GRADE B-23 ALLOYS Used for Babbitt Bearings










A1 Babbitt also has the capability to Alloy most special Grades as well

Babbiting Services We Offer

Types of Bearings Repaired

  • Turbine Bearings

  • Generator bearings

  • Motor Bearings

  • Hydroelectric Bearings

  • Fan Bearings

  • Steel Rolling Mill

  • Pump Bearings

  • Tilt Pad Bearings

  • Hydrogen Seals

  • Trunnion Bearings

  • Spherical Bags

  • Pinion Bearings

  • Carrier Bearings

  • Guide Bearings

  • Compressor Bags

  • Ship Bearings

  • Thrust Pads

  • All Other Babbitted Bearings

Rebabbitting and Machining Procedures

1. Obtain all dimensions and inspect for any abnormal or noticeable damage of bearing shell and bearing surface.
2. Remove old babbitt and inspect bonding surface and bearing shell for any defects.
3. Prepare bearing shell prior to babbitting.
4. Cast Babbitt (spin, static, puddle, or tig weld)
5. Machine splits, assemble bearing, rough machine.
6. Ultrasonically inspect Babbitt bond.
7. Assemble bearing and finish machine bore and thrust faces.
8. Machine and drill oil reliefs, thermocouple and oil ports.
9. Prepare bearing for shipper. (deburr, assemble, paint)
10. Record all finished dimensions and file for future service.
11. Package and skid bearings.
12. Follow up with customer to ensure satisfaction.

Babbitt Bearing Reconditioning

1. Inspect process.
2. Heat Shells
3. Clean ID
4. Machine ID
5. Flux
6. Tin Bath
7. Set Up Shells
8. Preheat Shells
9. Spin Cast / Static Cast
10. Cast Alloy
11. Cool Shells
12. Inspection
13. Rough Machine Bore
14. Inspection
15. Ultrasonic Test
16. Machine Bore Turn and Face
17. Mill & Drill and De-Burr
18. Ultrasonic Test
19. Finish Inspection
20. Package for Shipping

Industries Served

  • Utility Companies

  • Steel Mills

  • Cement Plants

  • Mining Industries

  • Motor Repair Shops

  • Marine Shipyards

  • Food Processing

  • OEM's

  • Transportation

  • Irrigation

  • Medical

  • Agriculture

  • Many others, too!

Babbitting Request for Quote

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Type of Bearing: Trusts:
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